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..and life waited [Mar. 7th, 2005|01:59 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

hey hey hey..well I've made it apparent that I don't really update this that much like I used to EVERY day haha. BUT I decided too. This weekend was pretty fun I must say. On Thursday it was Natasha's BIRTHDAY! It was exciting I picked her up from school and we went out to lunch and we went tanning & after that we went to the mall. Then I drove her back to school and Kelsey Lizzie and I went to the gym. ( I've been going to the gym a lot ) hah. Then on Friday I went to school, and after went to the gym w. Kelsey & Lizzie again. Then I went home and I DIDN'T take a shower..eww..and hung around and then made my way over to Natasha & my grandma's house lol. So I did that and hung around and then Natasha and I hung out in the village and ate some Subway haha. Then we went to Andrew Marshal's house and hung out w/ a bunch of people there. Then Taylor, NAtasha, and I went to some kids house named Nick who was pretty intersting. Yeahhhh then everyone was at this kid Nick's house and we drank a little and then left b.c I had to pee haha and Natasha wanted a slurpee. Then we came back and had some deep ass conversation about god. It was weird. Yeah so we were the only two girls and there were like 7 guys lol. Ew. and then they decided to go bring other girls. So we wer elike heyy party's over when you start bringin hoes haha. So we left and went back to Natasha's and slept ahhah b.c we were tired. Then on Saturday I went to the mall w/ my grandma and then I went tanning w/ Natasha and then we went to visit Sonja peerrrty fun! After that I drove Natasha home and came back to Shoreline and hung out with Kelsey and we went out to dinner w/ my parents. Then we drove around Shoreline and talked and...did what we always do? haha..neat. Sunday I worked out w/Kelsey and then came home and ate dinner and I was really tierd and I'm still really tired but I have to make my speech which sucks but whatever. Today I went to school and it was really boring and I wanted to go home and I learned nothing haha. SOOO now I'm sitting at home typing all this shit out and I'm really bored and hungry (like usual) and knowing that all my friends are at Katie's house eating bagel bites isn't really helping b/c I'd MUCH RATHER be there hanging out than in front of my computer being bored. BUT whatever. Tomorrow I don't even have to wake up on time YES.  BUT I'm going to go find food and make my speech YUp bye lovas <33
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(no subject) [Mar. 1st, 2005|02:09 pm]
[Current Mood |groggygroggy]
[Current Music |the T.V]

15 Years Ago, I:
1. Was 1
2. Moved from CA to WA
3. Parents go divorced
4. Had a best friend
5. Just lived with my mom

10 Years Ago, I:
1. Was 6
2. Met my best friend Natasha
3. started playing soccer
4. Got a baby brother
5. Did ballet
6. Liked school.

5 Years Ago, I:
1. Was 11
2. Was in 6th grade
3. Met my other best friend Kendra
4. Danced
5. was hardcore into soccer & sports

3 Years Ago, I:
1. Was 13
2. Had a lot of friends
3. Liked one person for a year
4. Felt on top of the world
5. Never thought life would change
6. Stopped hanging out with my dad
7. Started noticing life sucked.

2 Years Ago, I:
1. Was a freshman
2. Met my best friend Kelsey
3. Went to a school where I knew nobody
4. Hated life
5. Wanted to go to Ballard
6. Dad got another divorce
7. Moved

1 Year Ago, I:
1. Was 15
2. Brother moved away to Boston
3. Got tight with my Shorewood friends
4. Had a lot of fun with Kelsey
5. Got diagnosed with depression.

This Year, I:
1. Am 16
2. Driving :)
3. Re-connected with my ballard friends
4. Trying to salvage the rest of my high school experience
5. Learning new things

Yesterday, I:
1. Was sick
2. Slept all day
3. Went online a lot
4. Talked to Kelsey
5. Took medicine

Today, I:
1. Am still sick
2. Text messaged Molly
3. Went online
4. Watched TV
5. Freaked out about my speech.
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Roll, roll, roll right by me.. [Feb. 26th, 2005|03:31 pm]
[Current Mood |lovedloved]
[Current Music |The Rocket Summer- Cross My Heart]

I haven't written in this thing for a long time I must say. I bet you a high five so much has happend. It's break. My break was interesting. I went to Western. Made me want to leave even more. It will be pathetic the day I start counting down when I leave. Hm..I went to Canada with just my mother. It was interesting. We went shopping. I hung out with Kelsey, Lizzie, & Carol two nights in a row and we watched Project Runway & The OC the next night w/ Natasha. I feel like nothings been going on this break, but I'm content. Thursday night Kelsey & Natasha spent the night, and we ate pizza..haha and stayed up really late not. Friday morning we all woke up at like 11:00. Natasha and I were out the door @ 12:30. Which is really early for us, usually @ 12:30 we're contemplating about being hungry, no we were out the door in the world and we got out nails done. They're pretty. This guy named Vince did them, he was pretty gangster. Then we went to Taco Time for lunch and my friend Peter called me..interesting. Then we hung out and I dropped Tash off at home and went to the store w/ my grandma and then I went back to Natasha's for her birthday party family thingee..we ate some good food and I drove around Magnolia. We ended up in Ballard..at the beach. It was pretty random how we ended up there. Then we went to like every grocery store known to man-kind and ended up at Ballard Market. Yeah..we bought Swedish Fish..well Natasha did and she made me pick out all the colored one's except for red. Then we went back to her house and watched Raise Your Voice..yeah Hil. Duff you know. Hmm...I'm sick, and I'm supposed to hang out tonight with my friend. Who knows. I realized I have an ass load of Amstud HW that I really don't want to do. And life genuinely doesn't suck for once. Well I might go to sleep or clean my room who knows where life will take me.
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never thought you'd make me break me [Jan. 22nd, 2005|08:18 pm]
[Current Mood |curiouscurious]
[Current Music |The Way We Get By- Spoon]

-Name: Cheeeeeeeeeellsea Sachiko Myers...my friends call me CMyers..or Myers.
-Birth date: August 9, 1988
-Birth place: Californ I-A
-Current Location: SHORELINE
-Eye Color: Dark brizown
-Hair Color: Dark brown..
-Righty or Lefty: Righty
-Zodiac Sign: Leo

-Your heritage: Japanese/Russian/Italian..I'm cool I know.
-Shoes you wore today: Adidas sandals..I MISSED those.
-3 things i did today: Cooked lunch for my grandpa & I, Kept my phone on loud instead of vibrate, smiled when I was happy.
-Your fears: Spider, dying, trust
-Your perfect pizza: Cheese, and maybe some olives = )

-Your most overused phrase on IM: mahah...
-Your thoughts first waking up: "I can't wait until I'm in this bed again sleeping.."
-Your best physical feature: my face? I'm not sure.. my ears sike
-Your bedtime: 9:30 shhh don't tell.
-Your most missed memory: 8th grade, last summer, the summer b4 that...spring break 04

-Pepsi or Coke: Coke
-McDonald's or Burger King: McDonald's
-Single or group dates: Both
-Adidas or Nike: Both!
-Lipton Tea or Nestea: neither
-Chocolate or vanilla: Swirl!
-cappuccino or coffee: cappuccino

-Smoke: No
-Take showers: Heck yes
-Have a crush(es): Of COURSE!
-think you've been in love: Who know's..
-Like(d) high school? Eh.. not particulary
-Want to get married: Yes
-Get motion sickness: No
-Think you're a health freak: Nooo
-Get along with your parents: Yeah I would say so
-Like thunderstorms: Not particularly
-Play an instrument: no

-Drank alcohol: Yes
-Gone on a date: Yes
-Gone to the mall: Yes
-been on stage: No
-Eaten an entire box of Oreos: NO EW
-Eaten sushi: Yes
-Gone skating: No
-Had a tan: No I wish
-Dyed your hair: No

-Been trashed or extremely intoxicated? Who hasn't
-Changed who you were to fit in: I could write a book I've done it so much

-Age you hope to be married: 25-28
-Children: yes
-Describe your dream wedding: It's all in my head, I guess you'll see it when you get invited
-How do you want to die: Peacefully?
-What do you want to be when you grow up: Happy?
-What place would you most like to visit: Europe

-best eye color?: brown/light colors not blue though sorry
-best hair color?: Brown
-Short or long hair: ehh..depends.
-Height: TALL above 6' please
-Best first date location: Who knows
-Articles of clothing: Whatever he wears that he likes I guess

-Number of bags i own: 5?
-Number of CD's I own: 300 +
-Number of piercings: 3
-Number of tattoos: zero!
-Number of things in my past that I regret: I've learned not to regret , but since you asked 2

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so you know that you're never on your own [Jan. 20th, 2005|04:05 pm]
[Current Mood |intimidatedintimidated]
[Current Music |Bonnie Taylor Shakedown- HelloGoodbye]

maha hey hooooos....life's pretty boring I'd have to say. Hmmm I've been driving a lot...=too much time to think. Pretty much a downer, but tonight I'll have a full tank of GAS hell yes..to go waste driving around to no where. Tomorrow one class! I get to sleep in, that sounds so beautiful right now. I had a depressed kid breakdown last night, I hate those. I've only had three hardcore one's, but I forgot to take my medicine and it made me upset, for some reason. Who knows, I'm so unpredictable..I even surprise myself. Mmmmm today I went to school and was bored, like usual. I took Kelsey & Kim home at lunch. Children I love them. Good laugh today it was fun. Hopefully another one tomorrow when I T.A for them hahah. I love it no worries.

naTASHi06: did you know listening to old school britney really makes me feel better about myself

paahhaha I love that kid. I AGREE WITH HER too, hmm life's interesting. I like this boy. He's a heartbreaker. However, funny life is that I'm going to go see the one person that made me cry all the tears I have, because "we're friends"..fuck friends. I realized today I liked this one boy a lot @ school. It upset me a little. Because I'm starting to have feelings for this other boy..who I want to like, because he's different for me. BOYS ARE CONFUSING. I miss Kelsey. I want the letter. I actually miss Kimmy too. I miss laughing really hard until I want to puke. I miss that feeling when you see someone you know and you haven't seen them for a long time and they smile like this huge genuine smile, and it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. I miss good times. I miss summer. I miss caring. BUT HEY IT HAPPENS haha life will suck eh? Tomorrow ballard crew VIP I'm not as excied, as I SHOULD be I guess, I dunno, I'm having fun in Shoreline. FOR ONCE in my life, I don't hate it here as much. It's whatever. WELL I'M DONE UPDATING this shizzle! Luv yah kids xoxo

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(no subject) [Jan. 17th, 2005|06:33 pm]
[Current Mood |curiouscurious]
[Current Music |nothing]

heyy whoRes <33 siiiike. How's life been!? I haven't been around in a while I know I know.. I'm just so popalar...no really NOT. SoOOo life's been...life? Always changing..being random sucking ect. WHO KNOWS.. Umm lately I've been making myself have a social life hanging out with my good friends. ONNN Friday I went to school came home and I went out to dinner with my parents. On Saturday I went w/ my mom downtown and met up with Natasha and we went to go see Coach Carter @ Pacific Place. REALLY GOOD MOVIE GO SEE IT :-). Then we came back & we rented The Village & Wimbleton. We went to Subway and then watched The Village. I really liked that movie, it was just creepy, not scary. But I could see how people hated it. We hung around and laughed until like 3:30 then went to bed. Sunday Tash left and I went with my parents to Ballard and we went and ate Vietnamese food and walked around and looked @ stores and stuff. Then Kelsey came over and we watched a bunch of OC season one DVD YESSSSS hahah I had a laugh attack it was hilarious. yeahhh salsa verde & salsa rojo WHATS UP hahahah. LOVED IT. Okkkkk so we did that until we went to bed and then we woke up and I thought my parents were still sleeping, BUT really they were at the hospital because my grandpa broke his arm sad day. Sad...but I have a car for a long time now. Hmmm yeah. I get to see my BEST FRIENDS TOMORROW AT BALLARD B TOWN LOVERS I love yoooooooou. AND then I get to go to therapy.. YES. B.c going to therrapy is just wonderous I tell you..not. Whatever, but I'm excited to se emy friends. WELL  a lot has happend but I don't have time to talk about it haha but see yah later!!

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(no subject) [Jan. 13th, 2005|07:27 pm]
[Current Mood |groggyhurt]
[Current Music |At The Wake- The Format]

the first day of fall is the last day I'll                                    k i s s    the sky

and I swore dear
that I never
wanted to be
any better     
         than your weakest moment

and too scared to
let go I had my
arms  t h r e a d  through
the pretty holes
of your most romantic

It's do you
and don't you
cause I won't forget you
you filled me with nothing
it felt so good
It'll all come out some day

and you hate the way
they wash you down
and summer hums heavy now...
still you bolded all your best words
so they'd have something to wrap
their mouths around.

We wake to the sound of a phone as it hits the ground
And now, you just don't see me anymore
Now I've been losing everything
You just don't see me anymore
I'll say   g o o d b y e  

I will turn to see a face
Just a face, just a face,
so surrounded by a name
What a name, what a name
                                    And you never want to change

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shaft grabber..hah [Jan. 13th, 2005|03:13 pm]
[Current Mood |hungryhungry]
[Current Music |Crush- Gavin DeGraw]

sOooO life's been interesting. It's been really gay and stupid but then it'll get really good for a day. Interesting..yupp so yesterday I got to go to school late b/c I have NO FIRST PERIOD yussssssssss. But I hung out w/ Kristine for a while and we laughed hah. Then I went to math and it was interesting and everyone molested my ipod. But that's okay. THEN I went out to lunch for the first time in like two weeks, w/ Alex. It was fun catching up w. him. Thennnn I went and did the funnest thing ever haha Mrs.Gorman's TA for 5th period aerobics haha so many jobs. It makes me smile though so I don't mind. Hung out w/ Kimmy a lot. Love her looots. Yusss so then I went home and I WENT TO GOLF! Practice practice oh my goodness, I don't think I've laughed that hard in forever and a day hahaha. The jokes I heard, enough to like pee my pants. I had fun I'm progressing I like it a  lllllloot. And I love the girls sooo much already we had team bonding @ Starbucks ahha we told stories,  I loved it. Then I went home and my parents & I went out to dinner, then I came home and studied more. Today I went to school and hung around did mostly nothing in spanish. Skipped the assembly w/ Kristine, Kels, & Kimmy and we went to Burger King haha and took pictures w/ our crowns ahahaha. DORA DORA!! IF YOU EVER CAN'T SEE DORA WILL LEAD THE WAY. I almost peed my pants in the car I was laughing so hard. FAAAAAAAAAAAAAACKING "god..you could be German" AHHAH Good friends times today. CHEM TEST YESSSSS interesting. Kelsey helped me al ot I BET I PASS BC OF HER haha. Lunch I went to the library and hung out w/ Kirsten and Damir..and someother kids hahah but mostly Kirsten hahahhahahh we're so cool it's just insane. People were like talking about us b/c we're certifiably insane. That's ok. Guthrie's class was boring we watched a video..and had a lecture and I hated every second of it.  AND NOW I'm HOME YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I LOVE HOME I've wanted to be here ALL DAYyay. but now I am and now I'm going to go find stuff to EAT yessss!


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(no subject) [Jan. 11th, 2005|06:12 pm]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |Such Great Heights- The Postal Service]

heyyyyyyyyy it's gunna SNOW!!!! AND IF IT DOESN'T I'm GUNNA BE LIVID HEATED LIKE A MOTHER EFFER haha sooOoo today was uhh pretty neat? I went to 2nd period late, like usual, and again my teacher's neat and didn't say anything. It was cool. I got like 30 boletos!!! hahah "I made like infinity of those at boyscouts camp.." haha today was a Napolean filled day. 4th period...I reallly think Ms. Matthews is going to regret making Kelsey & I lab partners haha because we have too much fun. I looooooooooove technology...but noooooooooot as much as you love me ALWAYS AND FOREVER hahah yeah that was a goooooood ass time. Then I went to the library and did all the chem homework and just worked ahead for other stuff. It was odd, but a time saver, I had no where else to go anyways sooo it was cool. Then I went to amstud the class I dread going too..it's so booooring. And it was definitely boooring. We watched these old ass movies AND THEY'RE EDUCATIONAL ergh..frustrating. AND VIEWING GUIDES WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME. Whatever. I got a ride home from Kelsey. Then my mom came home and she drove me to therapy. I went early and I got to spend extra time there. It wasn't actually that bad. I didn't really wanna go all day but whatever. Thennnnnnnnn my mom & I went to Wingdome! YESSS luuuuuuuuuucky. Then we came home and Kelsey called me and WHEN I OPENED MY MAIL...thela001 oh yeah, my OC SEASON 1 was definitely THERE. I was like OOOO CAN I PUT THE PHONE DOWN TO GET IT! EXCCIIITING and if it SNOWS TOMORROW what a better time to GET IT!!!!! Today was a good day..yUerp! Well I'mmmmm gunna go...do whatever now so talk to you all later LOVERS <33


love is an excuse
to get hurt,
and to hurt.
"do you like to hurt? "
"i do, i do. "
"then hurt me."

So here's your last chance for    r e d e m p t i o n
So take it while it lasts, cause it will end

I won't be the one to chase you
        But at the same time
You're the heart that I call home
I'm always stuck with these emotions
And the more I try to feel, the less I'm

I'll wear my badge
A vinyl sticker with big block letters adherent to my chest
That tells your new friends:
I am a visitor here I am not permanent

the district sleeps alone tonight
after the bars turn out their lights
and send the autos swerving into the
loneliest evening
and I am finally seeing why I was the one worth

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(no subject) [Jan. 10th, 2005|02:38 pm]
[Current Mood |crushedcrushed]
[Current Music |iTunes]

(***ABOUT ME***) >>

Name: Chelsea Sachiko Myers

Age: 16

Birthday: August the 9t, 1988

School: Whorewood..sike Shorewood

Eyes: Brooown

Hair: Dark briizown

Height: 5'2 AND 3/4 what are ya gunna do about it?

Shoe Size: 9 YES

Who lives with you: MY MOM AND MY DOG AND MY STEPDAD

When is your bedtime?: Yeah, I have to have a bedtime now..I dunno 9:30??

(***HAVE YOU EVER***) >>

Flown on a plane: Duh..yeah

Ever been so drunk you blacked out: Who hasn't?

Missed school because it was raining: ...good excuse though.. YEAH

Told a guy/girl that you liked them?: Yeah..shot down.

Put a body part on fire for amusement: Yeah.. UM NO

Had a crush on a friends girlfriend/boyfriend: That's retarded NO

Been hurt emotionally: Maybe??

Kept a secret from everyone: Yeah who hasn't?

Had an imaginary friend: no

Wanted to hook up with a friend: No

Ever thought an animated character was hot?: wtf..

Cut your hair: Yeah?

Had crush on a teacher? eww sick


Shampoo: DOVE!

Fav Color: White..sike um I like pink, green, blue, lots!

Day/Night: Night

Summer/Winter: Winter

Lace or Satin: BOTH

Fave Food: I like rice.

Fave Advertisement: Hmm..the one for Ebay where the dude loses his boat and finds it..

Fave Drink: ....tough...coffee?

Fave person to talk to online: hot babes for like three hours at a time..duh

Fave sport: soccer, basketball?

Fave Car : Chrysler's haha Kelsey.... SIKE i duno

(**RIGHT NOW**) >>

Wearing: Jeans, Pink puffy vest,...clothes?

Eating: Trying to figure that out actually.

Drinking: Pop

Thinkin bout: Procrastinating

Listening to: The sound of the keyboard

(**IN THE LAST 24 HRS**)

Cried: No

Worn jeans: Yeah

Done laundry: Yeah

Drove a car : No

Talked on the phone: Yeah

Kissed someone: No

Said "I love you": No


Yourself: Sometimes

Your friends: DUH YEAH

Santa Claus: For suuure

Tooth Fairy: That whore

Destiny/Fate: Hell yeah

Angels: Hmmmmmmmm


God: Yeah, I've kicked it w/ Jesus quite a few


Do you ever wish you had another name? Yeah, amen Kelsey, we have little girl names!

Do you like anyone? For suuuure

Which one of your friends acts the most like you? Kelsey

Who have you known the longest of your friends: Natasha...first grade biotch!

Who's the loudest: Hooooo hmmmm I think Carol.

Who's the shyest:...hmm I'm not sure.

Are you close to any family members?: Uhhh my mom?

Who's the weirdest?: God.. Kendra sike..she's great

Who do you go to for stuff? Kelsey/Kendra/Emily/Natasha depends hah

Who do you hang out with the most? Kelsey, Kendra, Emily, Natasha, Collin, Colin, Tyler, George..eww loser friends sike

When you cried the most: haha lately....I dunno...stupid shit

Worst Feeling: Being hated.

What time is it now? 2:56


1. Kissed your cousin: No

2. Ran away: When I was like 5

3. Pictured your crush naked: Hmm no!

4. skipped school: Yeah MAN

5. Broken someone's heart: All day everyday

6. Been in love: Nerrp

7. Cried when someone died: Uhh YEAH

8. Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: No shit

10. Done something embarrasing: Hell yea

11. Done a drug: Sure who hasn't?

12. Cried in school: Yeah...BOO on that

13. Coke or Pepsi: Coke

14. Sprite or 7UP: Sprite

15. Girls or Guys: uh Guys

17. Scruff or Clean shaved: Clean eww..

18. Blondes or Brunettes: Brunettes

19. Bitchy or Slutty: Slutty

20. Tall or Short: Tall

21. Pants or Shorts: Pants

22. Night or Day: Night

23. What do you notice first: SHOES haha, hmmm height.

24. Last person you slow danced with: Oh whore...umm Miles?

25. Worst Question To Ask: You're a sophmore right? hahahah


26. Showered: Last night

27. Stepped outside: An hour ago

28. Had Sex: FACK

29. Romantic memory: Hmmm....jew is the new greek!


30. Your Good Luck Charm: Socks..sike iono

31. Person You Hate Most: I don't HATE

32. Best Thing That Has Happened: Being asian..sike finding my old friends again.

33. On your desk: Papers

34. Picture on your desktop: Laguna Beacha hhahaha

35. Color: Green

36. Movie: Oceans 12

37. Artist: Georgia O'Keefe...haha

39. Ice Cream: .plain?

40. Season: AUTUMN sike..umm SUMMER

41. Breakfast Food: Ceral WHORE


42. Makes you laugh the most: Kendra/Kelsey

43. Makes you smile: Emily/Carol/Lizzie

44. Can make you feel better no matter what: Kelsey/Kendra/Emily/Kimmy

45. Has A Crush On You: uhhhh your mom

46. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Most definitely

47. Who Has it easier? Girls or Guys?: Guys

(***DO YOU EVER***)

49. Sit by the phone waiting for a phone call all night: HELL YEAH HOT LOVER

50. Save MSN conversations: no

51. Save E-mails: Yeah

52. Forward secret E-mails: Hell no

53. Wish you were someone else: sometimes

54. Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: No

55. Wear cologne: No

56. Kiss: God..allnight everynite siike

57. Cuddle: With my dog?

58. Go online for longer than eight hours at a time: Uh no


59. Fallen for your best friend?: Nope

60. Made out with JUST a friend?: YES

61. Kissed two people in the same day?: No

62 Had sex with two different people in the same day?: Every weekend duh

63. Been rejected: HELL YEAH ask KJ HOLLER

64. Been in love?: No

65. Been in lust?: No

66. Used someone?: No

67. Been used?: ...no?

68. Cheated on someone?: No

69. Been cheated on?: No

70. Been kissed?: uh yeah..

71. Done something you regret?: No regrets


72. You touched?: Kendra

73. You talked to?: My mom

74. You hugged?: Carol/Lizzie?

75. you instant messaged?: ...Colin Sauer????????N O S E

76. You kissed?: Hmmm I dunno Taylor? EWW no I don't know

77. You yelled at?: ?? dunno

78. You thought about? Kendra Baker/Emily/Tyler

79. Who text messaged you?: Kelsey

80. Who broke your heart?: ..... no names here

81. who told you they loved you?: Kirsten

(***DO YOU***)

82. Color your hair? Yeah

83. Have tattoos?: No

84. Have piercings?: 3

85. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: No

86. Own a webcam?: Yeah

87. Own a thong?: HAHA

88. Ever get off the damn computer? Sometimes

89. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?: Holler habla espanol

90. Habla espanol?: SI YO HALBA ESPANOL SENOR!


92. Stolen anything?: No

93. Smoke?: HAVE

94. Schizophrenic?: YEAH

95. Obsessive?: Sometimes

96. Compulsive?: Maybe

97. Obsessive compulsive?: No

98. Panic?: When it is needed

99. Anxiety?: Not so much

100. Depressed?: Hell yeah medically evaluated holler

101. happy?: not really.

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